Maine Granite Industry Historical Society
Our major mission is to preserve the traditions and practices of our forefathers so that they may not be forgotten
The tools are displayed under the tool company name which include: Atha, Bicknell, Livingstone, H.H. Harvey, Trowel and Holden and Belfast Foundry
Over 300 photos, stereo views, Granite Union badges, constitution booklets and the largest collection of Maine granite samples taken from the quarries of Maine are on display 
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Historic Quarries
Photo Courtesy of Paul Glenn
During the spring, summer and fall, visitors can usually find Steve Haynes, founder and curator of Maine Granite Industry Historical Society within the museum or outside cutting, surfacing or sandblasting different projects he is working on.
Not only does the museum provide a great exhibit to view, but there is also opportunity for visitors to learn how granite was quarried, cut, and processed long before we had the large equipment that is available to us today.

Steve Haynes provides hands-on demonstration on how granite block was drilled and cut back in the early days of quarrying while explaining the importance of why this is an important part of American History.
We encourage school groups, as well as seasonal tour groups to contact us ahead of your visit, so we can provide you with a great historical experience!

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