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Arthur McMullen Construction Company
Hall's Quarry during the McMullen era, 1903-1915 ~ 
The Arthur McMullen Construction Company from New York took over the operations at the "Big Quarry" shortly after Cyrus J. Hall lost an important major government post office bid and with a labor strike occurring at the same time, Mr. Hall defaulted on his loan.  During McMullen's occupancy at Hall's Quarry, the company completed many major contracts which included the Hartford River Bridge, the Potomac River Bridge and the Brooklyn anchorage to the Manhattan River Bridge.
Boxed Granite blocks await loading at the wharf in Hall's Quarry
Quarrymen ~ Arthur McMullen  Granite Company
The Isabel E. Wiley at the granite wharf Hall's Quarry
Hartford River Bridge under construction
Completed Hartford River Bridge
Pier at Hall's Quarry showing wooden shims
Booth Brothers and Hurricane Island Granite Company
Just before World War I, Booth Brothers and Hurricane Island Granite Company from Hurricane Island, took over the operations at Hall's Quarry.  This company mainly produced paving block and also reopened the quarries on the east side of Somes Sound at Sergeant's Point.
Building Contracts by Booth Brothers included the John Hancock building and polished pillars for the Cathedral of St. John the Divine.
Quarry workers for Booth Bros. Granite Co. from L to R
William Grant, Steven Richardson, Walter Grant, Ed Pete Richardson and Charlie Hadgdon
The "Big Quarry" showing the three legged derrick at the wharf, engine house which housed the wench used to operate the large derrick that lifted the large blocks
Quarrymen in the "Big Quarry"
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