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Mount Desert Island Quarries
The quarrying of cellar stone on Mount Desert Island began as early as the 1700's.  Cyrus J. Hall of Belfast, Maine came to Mount Desert Island in 1871, opening the first commercial quarry at Otter Creek, on the east side of Mount Desert Island.
From the Quarry at Otter Creek 
The Board of Trade Chicago
Bridge at Back Bay Fens Boston 
American Baptist Pub. building Philadelphia
Belfast Free Library Belfast Maine
In 1883 Cyrus J. Hall began quarrying granite on the west side of Somes Sound.  First called 'Quaarryville', Hall's Quarry became one of the major quarry towns operating on the coast of Maine.  This small coastal town became a booming community almost overnight with several general stores, a number of boarding houses and blacksmith shops.  Commonly known as "Somes  Sound Pink" granite, Mr. Hall traveled nationwide promoting his new stone, gathering contracts from major cities in the U.S. including Philadelphia,  New York, Washington DC, Boston, Hartford, Indianapolis, and many others.  Perhaps the largest of these contracts was for the Philadelphia Mint job which employed as many as eight hundred men for eighteen months.  Stonecutters, quarrymen and stone carvers traveled great distances to work on this contract.
The Standard Granite Company store at Hall's Quarry
Receipt for ten kegs of black powder, sold to Fernald Bros. and Higgins Granite Company which operated on the east side of Somes Sound 
Philadelphia Mint
Quarrymen and stone wagon at Hall's Quarry during the Philadelphia Mint contract ~ note pillars laying behind the horses
Philadelphia Mint
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